Sunday, May 10, 2015

#5 Connecting the dots 5/5

When I was a grade five student in elementary school, my life wasn't like most students who had a spare time can do what they liked to do, for example play games with friends or play sports, after school. Four days a week I had to go to cram school to advance my Chinese,English, Math, Science and Society  for two years later big and vital exam. What is the such vital exam? It's the entrance examination to private middle school. At that time I had to study hard to get a good grade on cram school's test, otherwise I could be degradation to other class. I also remember there were almost five hundred students on the transcript.
To be truth, I didn't belong to top students at that time. Every time when I got the transcript, I thought why I studied so hard however my achievement only stayed in the same level. Sometimes I just thought can I give up? Fortunately, I had a best friend in the class who also had a same goal so that can take care of each other. Until the exam result be released that day, I was so glad that I was recruited to the private school. Nowadays, when I encounter the struggles on lessons or others, I will recall the period in my grade five to tell myself I can get over to this obstacle. I think if I didn't experience the period, I wouldn't be a strong girl today.          

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  1. Yes, Allison. After reading your story, I know you are a strong and tough girl out there. No matter what happens, remember that there is someone always staying behind our back, watching, supporting, and guiding us in life. Maybe its our parents, family, or friends, who knows. But never lose hope in any obstacle, because you have faith in yourself, believe me! :) Keep fighting!