Monday, June 22, 2015

Reflection Paper 6/23

In the beginning of this semester, I choose this course because of its practicability, and I want to improve English. Hesitantly, I was worried that this course would be a boring, just like do notes or use highlighter on lectures. However; in the first class, I was surprised and excited that we have to build a blog. For me, It is a new style to learn English that I have never met.   
In this course, I gain a lot of gorgeous learning English tool. They are almost used by internet, so the resources are more diversification than before, and which can improve your listening, reading, speaking, writing. In all resources, I like My Et and TED, both of them are good English social model. First, My ET is an interesting software which you can interact with teacher inside the computer. It has a little speaking test, you should imitate intonation from teacher after finish you can adjust your pronunciation according to the test result. Once I read an article, it is about foreigners pass their opinion on how hard Taiwanese practice their speaking. Some of them think Taiwanese have high demand on English speaking, they think it is not necessary. It is not a big deal that very countries’ people have their own accent when they are speaking another language. For example, Japanese have unique accent when speaking, foreigners think it is cute, they think accent is every countries culture.
Yet, in the precondition it is clear to understand that what you are talking about. So to learn well on pronunciation is still important and necessary. Moreover, it has a variety of course you can select to improve reading or listening. Some of the courses need money to get it, however, you can use coins which you gain every time you finish a test to exchange so that you don’t have to pay any. And it can found a club for member to share their experience on learning English, or discuss the difficult with each other, it can encourage you to do resolution on learning.
Second, TED is also a good tool to learn English. Why I say it is a good English social model in front page? Because you can watch the speakers their facial expression or body movements when they are describe a theory so that you can feel the speakers what feeling they want to bring to you. On the other hand, you can choose what subject you like on the TED. While you are listening English, you absorb knowledge except English, or you can know a lot of presentation skills, for instance, most of speakers like to use famous university research to strengthen their opinion. I like to search something about Psychology speaks, it make me more realize that psychology is a science, and it is a big different from Psychological Tests. And you can observe a person’s body movement to know what is he or she thinking right now.

At last, I gain a lot of acquisition in this course. From basically use keywords and simple sign to google information and read English articles, even try to understand an English presentation. It is necessary to use these tools again and again, so that you can really learn something from these courses. Next time, if I have chance, I would not hesitantly to choose it.     

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